Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dwemer modding

Well, I've taken my first baby step into modding for Morrowind. Julian K. Spire requested a tile set for his next Greater Dwemer Ruins project, and it's something I'd been wanting to try for a while anyway -- a corridor with metal meshwork on the walls and ceiling (and also a regular grate on the floor). I'm not sure this is quite what he was looking for, but this goes along with my desire to see more evidence of the steampunk marriage of Victorian elegance with industrial revolution brasswork, which we see more of in Oblivion than in Morrowind. So, I created a metal grating that has a little more elegance than simply criss-crossing lines as in a chain-link fence.

This is just a single piece as yet, to see if this will work for his purposes. It is only single-sided, so it only works when viewed from inside the corridor. I've assembled them into a lighted test corridor for the sake of illustration. Following are my screenshots of it: