Monday, July 21, 2014

The Black Scourge of Candle Cove released

An adventure module for characters around level 10
Download pages, with screenshots:

A notorious sea hag pirate has been terrorising the port town of Candle Cove with her crew of ogres, plundering ships and sending men, women, and children to a watery grave.  Now she's gone even further, and seized control of the local lighthouse, preventing any ships from coming or going at all!

You and your party of adventurers have just come into town.  Can you do what it takes to defeat the pirates and free Candle Cove?

This campaign is for a party of up to 5 members, and features a range of recruitable companions of seven different classes around town, in addition to allowing you to import or create your own party.  SoZ party chat will allow your own created party members to chip in their unique perspectives in conversations, as well as the recruitable companions' unique dialogue.  Play whatever class you like as your main character, and build a well-balanced party to deal with a variety of situations, both in combat and in social situations.

Characters should be around level 10 to play this module.  You can import a character of an appropriate range, or select options within the starting area to level a new character within a range of easier or harder levels, with a level-appropriate amount of gold to use to purchase equipment from the well-stocked vendors around town.

Go diving!  Sailing!  Sandbox questing in town and around it!  And when you're strong enough, face the larger challenges!  Have fun, and play it as you like.