Monday, July 21, 2014

The Black Scourge of Candle Cove released

An adventure module for characters around level 10
Download pages, with screenshots:

A notorious sea hag pirate has been terrorising the port town of Candle Cove with her crew of ogres, plundering ships and sending men, women, and children to a watery grave.  Now she's gone even further, and seized control of the local lighthouse, preventing any ships from coming or going at all!

You and your party of adventurers have just come into town.  Can you do what it takes to defeat the pirates and free Candle Cove?

This campaign is for a party of up to 5 members, and features a range of recruitable companions of seven different classes around town, in addition to allowing you to import or create your own party.  SoZ party chat will allow your own created party members to chip in their unique perspectives in conversations, as well as the recruitable companions' unique dialogue.  Play whatever class you like as your main character, and build a well-balanced party to deal with a variety of situations, both in combat and in social situations.

Characters should be around level 10 to play this module.  You can import a character of an appropriate range, or select options within the starting area to level a new character within a range of easier or harder levels, with a level-appropriate amount of gold to use to purchase equipment from the well-stocked vendors around town.

Go diving!  Sailing!  Sandbox questing in town and around it!  And when you're strong enough, face the larger challenges!  Have fun, and play it as you like.


  1. This mod is great. Only thing I can't figure out is making party members from scratch. When I go to the create party screen, the add button is dark and can not be slicked. I have tried exporting characters, making new ones but I can't seem to get them into the game :(

    1. If you've exported characters and see them in the list, you have to select one in the list before you can click "Add" to add them to your party. Or you can double-click on the name in the list, and don't need to press "Add". When you're done adding members to your party, click the "Accept" button

  2. Greetings,

    Isn't there something we could do so your module would allow to import characters whose levels are beyond 20 ? You see, your adventure pack sounds really interesting, and I crave for playing it through, but I'd really want to use the party I played with in Storm of Zehir !

    Or rather, if you're planning to make another adventure module like this one, could you design it for high level characters, please ? Like level 20 or so. So you would be able to import characters you used in another campaign to make them progress even further !
    You see, what I like the most about creating my characters is to gradually level them up to the top and give them all sorts of cool features ! I don't feel satisfied of the characters I created if I can't bring them to the highest level.

    Unfortunately, there are not many interesting high level adventure modules (apart from mere hack'n'slash ones), let alone some using the party creation system of Storm of Zehir. That's why I really wanted to play yours using my SoZ party, but you can't play it with characters past level 20, so I can import only one of them ! And it would be stuck to level 20 anyway.
    Isn't really something we could do ?

    There's also a question I'd like to ask you. I noticed you use Rinara's voice set in your module. It happens I'm currently looking to get my hands on the voices of the PCs companions from Mysteries of Westgate to use them as PC voice sets... but I just can't find them ! I was able to do it with Rinara's voice thanks to you, but I just can't find the sound files for Mantides and Charissa. Do know where the hell they are ? Can you tell me how you got Rinara's files ? Please.

  3. Well, I didn't put any special restrictions on the module to prevent people from importing level 20+ characters, but if the game does that automatically, I don't know how to prevent it. There might be instructions for how to do it somewhere online, and you're welcome to edit the module to allow it for your playthrough if you can find them. The fights would probably not be a challenge in this module if you're that high, though, since the enemies don't scale in their levels.

    I'm not planning to make level 20+ campaigns, personally. My plan for future modules is around level 6 or 7. But they will all include the SoZ system as well as in-game companion options.

    Rinara's voice came from the MoW resource pack that Ossian released, containing their custom content. Mantides and Charissa are also in it:

  4. Thanks for the soundsets pack !
    However, all I have in it is a .hak file. I suppose I'd have to extract the sound files it contains in order to add them in the list, but I don't know how to do that. Can you help me, please ?

    Yes, I'm sure the fights would not be very challenging if my party is around level 20... and not very rewarding too, I guess... That's why I'd love if the difficulty of any adventure module was automatically set based on the player's party level. That way, you could play it with characters from wichever level and still be able to enjoy the best of it !
    But I guess it's easier said than done, unfortunatelly...

    Anyway, about the level cap on your module, I found a post that says : "you can change that if you edit both the level cap and the max xp amount via the toolset". I figured as much, but I never used the toolset myself. Would you know how to do so ?

    You say you don't plan to make level 20+ campaigns, personnally. Ever ? Is there a particular reason you don't want too ? That kind of saddens me, for the reasons I told you in my previous comments. It's such a shame not to find interesting modules to continue levelling up the characters you created...
    You would'nt happen to know a module of that sort, by any chance ? One with plenty of role-play and side-quests ?

    1. Yes, of course. This is the tool that I use to add or remove files from haks:

      Have you tried the module Wulverheim? I believe it supports SoZ parties, and it does scale the enemies, traps, locks, etc. to the party's level. I don't know if you would say it has a lot of role-play, but it has an open world, and there are plenty of side quests, as well as factions to join, and other things like buying houses to live in, etc.

      Editing the level cap and max XP amount... They might be talking about in the Campaign Editor, which is accessible in the toolset, I think in the Plugins menu. If you open it in there, and save it, it might work.

      The main reason for me not making high level campaigns is that I personally find the levels around 5-13 to have a good amount of fun and character progression, while higher level ones like I experienced in MotB felt like I had peaked and there was nowhere left to go. I do plan to have fantastic locations and plenty of magic fact my future work should be more fantastical than this module, which was a little too human-focused.

    2. Thanks for the help !

      Removing the level and xp caps for your campaign was quite easier thant I feared it would be ! Now, I can import my characters just fine !
      I had to remove your customized UI, though, because it didn't fit within my screen. Is there a chance you could make one that would fit with 1366x768 screen resolutions, please ? Otherxise, I fear I have no choice but to use the standard Neverwinter Nights 2 UI. You made it sound like it's quite more comfortable to use yours...

      Now that I have the tool you gave me to open .hak files, I've been finally able to find the sound files I was looking for ! My guess was right about them being enclosed in a compressed file ! If only I had know this earlier !

      I think I'll definitely have a look at that Wulverheim campaign you told me about, thanks ! Though I'm not sure it will be able to run on my computer. The author said it needs a powerful PC, and I can't say I have one...

      That's too bad if you really don't wanna make high level campaigns... I think it's really fun to be able to bring my characters to the highest levels, and there are so many low level campaigns already... Perhaps you could at least consider the possibility of making campaigns xhich would adapt to the player's level, no ?