My mods

These are the mods I've made for various games over the years.  Screenshots are on the linked pages.  Click the following links to skip to the section for a particular game:

Neverwinter Nights 2 mods

The Black Scourge of Candle Cove - adventure module

21 Jul 2014

A notorious sea hag pirate has been terrorising the port town of Candle Cove with her crew of ogres, plundering ships and sending men, women, and children to a watery grave. Now she's gone even further, and seized control of the local lighthouse, preventing any ships from coming or going at all!

You and your party of adventurers have just come into town. Can you do what it takes to defeat the pirates and free Candle Cove?

Available both on the Neverwinter Nexus and the  176mB

Tchos' HD Widescreen UI Menu and Loading Screen

9 Mar 2012

The menus and loading screens for NWN2 were designed for a 4:3 monitor aspect ratio, and on a modern widescreen display will appear either stretched out horizontally or have black bars on the sides.  This is a 1920x1080 set of menus and loading screens based on the pre-expansion versions.  Available both on the Neverwinter Nexus and the Neverwinter Vault.  1.5mB

Tchos' UI button sound replacement

10 Mar 2012

A replacement sound for the "click" of most buttons in NWN2.  I just didn't like the sound of the button click, and wanted something a little more weighty and solid, that also wasn't too loud, which would fit the elegant style of the interface.

Available both on the Neverwinter Nexus and the Neverwinter Vault.  1.5mB

Guide for the Storm of Zehir loot system

12 April 2013

Not exactly a mod, but a modders' resource in the form of documentation on how the SoZ loot system works, what it can do, and how to use it in your own modules.

Available in Word and PDF format, on the Neverwinter Nexus and the Neverwinter Vault.  40/70kB

Tchos' Visual Effects for Characters

16 Dec 2012

This small pack for modders adds two visual effects to be applied to NPCs or PCs to indicate music and sleeping. The first one applies an effect of floating musical notes over the NPC's head, and the other does the same with floating Zs.  Available both on the Neverwinter Nexus and the Neverwinter Vault.  4.8kB

Tchos' default Crypt Tileset edit with no jagged cobwebs

 24 Feb 2013

This is intended for use both by players and by modders. As a player, you can simply use it to get rid of the jagged, ugly cobwebs built into the default crypt tileset in any module you're playing, including the official campaigns. As a builder, you can distribute it within your module to make sure your module doesn't have those cobwebs, freeing you to decorate the place with higher quality cobweb placeables or placed effects.  Available on the Neverwinter Nexus.  1.6mB

Colour Spell Scroll Icons

 29 Jul 2013

Neverwinter Nights 2's spell icons are in colour, but the scrolls of those spells are monochromatic, making it more difficult to tell them apart. This is a simple fix that replaces the scroll icons with the spellbook icons for the same spells, so that they're in colour.  Available on the Neverwinter Nexus.  1.7mB

Dragon Age: Origins mods

Trouble in Rainesfere

7 August 2011

A standalone campaign module for Dragon Age: Origins.  Roaming through rural Rainesfere, you happen upon a small tavern, where you receive word of a wizard in distress, and four fellow adventurers willing to help.

Also available on the Bioware Social Network.  Development diary here.  63mB

Tchos' Morrigan face replacer

17 November 2009

Included for the sake of completion only, and in case there's anyone who still likes this one even though there are many better Morrigan faces out there. 26kB

Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind mods

Tchos' Dwemer chainlink corridors tileset (modder's resource)

18 August 2009

A tileset of dwemer corridors and room pieces (as well as a few other pieces) with see-through chainlink mesh sections (mostly on the side walls and ceilings). Modders' resource. Further information about this mod in this blog post.

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion mods

Arwen: Elf companion for Companion Share and Recruit

29 May 2008

A companion portraying Liv Tyler's rendition of Arwen from Lord of the Rings, to be used with TheTalkieToaster's Companion Share & Recruit. 1751kB

Audrey: Lovely wood elf companion for CSR

14 September 2008

A lovely wood elf companion to be used with TheTalkieToaster's Companion Share & Recruit. 1349kB

Better Meat: Hammy McHamham edition

17 June 2008

Reworked model and realistic texture for in-game ham. 628kB

Better Meat: Cooked Steaks

27 May 2008

Beef, boar, mutton, and venison retextured to look cooked. My first released mod. 236kB

I Wanna Bayou a House! (now with COBL support)

14 September 2008

A player home in the swamp, with some unusual features. Also includes optional COBL version. 7892kB I highlighted this mod in this blog post.

Lavish Mage Tower of Alchemy Power

28 October 2008

An opulent home for the discerning mage alchemist. I believe something lacking in the standard Mages' Guild décor is a feeling of real power, a sense that you're doing something dangerous, as well as the wealth that should come to a person skilled in magic and alchemy. 16371kB I highlighted this mod in this blog post.

Live at Gweden Farm (player home)

21 October 2008

Makes Gweden Farm usable as a player home at the conclusion of the Anvil quest The Siren's Deception. 6kB

Non-plastic clouded crystal balls

27 September 2008

A quick and basic texture replacement to make the crystal balls look less like plastic toys and more like something a mage would actually keep around on the desk. 30kB

Tchos' Breakfast Food

23 October 2008

Adds pancakes, maple syrup, oatmeal porridge, a bowl of anachronistic cereal in milk, A strawberry cake, a single wedge of the cake, cinnamon rolls, toast, fishy sticks, a dish of tartar sauce and a bottle of malt vinegar to the Tiber Septim Hotel. Free on the table and more buyable from the publican. 2914kB

Transparent floor plane in Construction Set preview window

6 July 2008

No longer are your objects partially obscured by the editor ground plane in the Construction Set Preview Window.

Fallout 3 mods

Tchos' Better Bittercup (spooky goth girl)

13 December 2008

Bittercup's actual look now fits all the dialogue with her, the player, and other characters talking about her white makeup and spooky styles. 5192kB

Tchos' Vault 101 Sealed Wing (player home)

31 December 2008

Clean, well-lit, comfortably furnished player home, specifically planned to accommodate followers, with plenty for them to do. 106kB

Planescape: Torment mods

Tchos' portrait mod for Planescape: Torment

8 April 2011

Replaces the 3D character portraits in the game with high-quality hand-painted portraits, as other Infinity Engine games such as Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale used, which are more aesthetically pleasing than the 3D character portraits in PS:T. These replacements occur where they appear in the PC/NPC section of the journal, in the stat screens, and the inventory paperdolls.