Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 4: Addendum

Here's a comparison between the Magus Tower interior (which uses the Imperial texture set) as it appears in the author's screenshots, and two screenshots taken by me -- one using Morrowind Visual Pack (which I don't recommend anymore), and the other using Connary's Imperial texture pack, with a couple of small tweaks by me for some variety in the otherwise uniform stone.

Above is Korana's screenshot. I don't know what texture pack she's using, but I don't think it's vanilla, and it's not MVP. Also, she has some blue glowing things in the air that don't appear for me.

Above is my screenshot with MVP. First you see it's a lot brighter, with white stone and white marble. You can see the ugly seams where the tile is not seamless on the floor, and these floor tiles are shadowed on one side like the cobblestones I mentioned earlier, which creates the illusion that they're inverted if you view them from the opposite angle. Also there are ugly seams and obvious repeating elements in the marble columns.

Above is my screenshot using Connary's Imperial set. I left the columns as vanilla just for a little variety, but they're so much lower resolution I'll need to find an alternative, or just darken Connary's version if I want to keep some alternate trim like I have here. This scene is still much lighter than Korana's, which I think may be explained partially by the Dungeon HDR shader I'm using for MGE. I wouldn't want my house to be as dark as Korana has it, anyway.


  1. Just started playing this game too =)

    About the assassins: found one in Seyda Neen who killed me, but I blamed the fact I had just robbed a house and slept on it. I was lvl 1.

    Gonna remake my toon today, since I just finally figured out how skills works and the attributes. I just made it until Balmora and the first quest delivery, so I should stop reading your blog not to spot spoilers! Unless you could kindly separate the post into spoiler and not spoiler part. I like to read about the addons, since I have used some of the improved graphics ones too.

    On addons: I am using better bodies, better heads, Emma's pack, and Beauty Pack. Also the Morrowind Code Patch, which fixes some game bugs. Haven't read you mention that one, I recommend you check on it.

    Thank you for mentioning that extra mage room addon! I will try it today.

    Good luck on your adventures!

  2. I'm trying to keep this relatively spoiler free. I only gave away one spoiler, and that was for the first quest you get (the delivery quest). I'll try to stick to discussing my impressions of the gaming system, atmosphere, and mods, and leave the story elements out of it. :) Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention the Code Patch, but I did indeed install it along with the other mods. :) I'll add a mention of it to the previous post.

  4. Those textures were my own, thats why the screenies so dark. I think I released that pack. I always hated the light textures, it's just a matter of personal opinion. I'm also one of those people who likes interiors really dark (if you couldn't tell by Shadowcrest) :-)

    Don't know why you don't have the blue particles. I'd look in the CS but my Morrowind install went the way of the dodo quite some time ago. I think my old roomate might have stolen it actually...don't quite know where it went. I have the empty box...*end rambles*
    I'm almost wondering if the particles aren't showing up due to your shader?

    You're right on the money about another mod having more alchemy features. I really just wanted to play around with a fantasy feel with this mod, and me and scripting we don't get along so much. Plus, the character I made it for I was used to playing her with just a morter, pestle, and a pocket full of goodies so anything too complicated probably would have confused me. (I'm totally not kidding)

  5. Thanks for adding your insights on this! :) I'll see if I can find your texture pack, if that's the case. I definitely didn't like the lightness of the MVP Imperial textures. Your dark screenshots set a nice mood and allow the coloured lights to create a nice effect, but as a serious scholar in magecraft and alchemy, I appreciate the value of a well-lit working environment, especially with all the reading! (Glasses will be the next equipment I need to acquire for my character, to round her out more.)

    It's definitely possible that the lack of particles might be due to the shaders I'm using. I'll try disabling it and see if they appear.