Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 15 extra: Ebony mining

What should have been a delightful discovery -- a mine full of raw ebony rocks -- was instead an exercise in frustration, because activating the rocks as a container did nothing. No response. I recalled that I had a mod called "Resources Enhanced" installed, which claimed to make changes to the way certain items were harvested, including diamonds, ebony, and pearls, but when I had earlier found a few diamond deposits, I was able to extract the diamonds like any container. Possibly this is because Complete Morrowind added clay to the diamond deposits, which overrode any changes that Resources Enhanced made, and I suppose it must not have done something similar to the ebony.

The readme file for Resources Enhanced says it makes ebony minable by hitting it with a mining pick, which I had stashed away for such an occasion, but when I returned to it, it didn't work. Neither activating it, nor swinging the pick at the rock. The readme also says that there's a "simple" option that can be enabled in the console, which makes ebony openable as a container again. I entered the code, and there was no change.

I disabled the mod, and reloaded a game saved before I had entered the cave, but the rocks still did nothing when I tried to open them. In the CS, I can see that the containers have a script attached to them, but removing that script (and all references to the ebony altogether) didn't help either. I tried a mod cleaning with Wrye Mash, and there was still no change.

Not even creating my own plugin that marked the ebony deposits as "changed", and set to load last, caused them to act like normal containers again. I think I'm just out of luck there.


  1. Give me the directions and I can try here, on the Ebony. I have some of the mods you have... I will list all of them in case do manage to mine it.

  2. The Ebony node opened like a container and it had the ore inside to loot. Here goes what I am using, and the only time I did eddit the Morrowind.ini was to be able to take screenshots.

    Better Heads.esm
    Better Heads Tribunal.esm
    Better Heads Bloodmoon.esm
    Adj_Magicka Regen (1.00%).esp
    Beauty_Pack (for modders use).esp [why the hell that one is loaded idk]
    Better Bodies.esp
    Balmora Expansion v1.4.esp

    I don't know how to make pretty links

    And let's ignore the health and magicka lvls on that picture, and my inventory mess, mmk?

  3. Should I have warned you about the enemies in that mine? ;) For me, it's full of rats, shalks, and at least one atronach/elemental.

    Well, you've confirmed it's a problem on my end. I'm pretty sure which mod was the culprit, but I don't know if there's anything I can do about it at this point. Maybe it'll just reset itself after enough game time has passed?

  4. 2 atrochachs. My luck is that I had a few arrows enchanted with frost and Frostbite spell. I did die a few times so I had time to test it all /sigh.

    I posted the list for you so you can maybe do like in WoW, turning off all addons and then turn them back one 1 by 1 to see which is causing you problems. I'd say the list I gave you would be a start, since I don't have the problem. But then, half of what you did I don't understand, might be more complicated.

    I have been having a bug I keep forgetting to mention: sometimes, when I go back to my lovelly tent to stash my stuff so I can go exploring again, my weight is reset to zero... even while still carrying some stuff. And then, sometimes even after I do loot something, it's still zero, and just for some magical reason, later when I loot something else it works again. Any idea on that?

    Good luck with the Ebony there.

  5. The way these plugins work with saved games, I wouldn't be surprised that it won't work even if I disable all plugins! I didn't check that to be sure, though. I've been having a grand time and I only really wanted the ebony for crafting reasons. I have a lot to write about for the last day!

    Have you been using feather spells? If so, I don't think it's a bug what you're seeing with your weight. It should go back to normal when feather wears off. While fortify strength increases the max number of weight you carry, feather subtracts the weight points from your total, and if it's more than what you're carrying, your weight shows as zero.

  6. No feather spells here. AND another bug I forgot... I keep gaining out of nowhere these Master Alembics. What is that anyway? AND, I am not sure when it happens. I open my inventory and BANG its there. Something to do with the set... maybe when I use it, or move the book back in place, not sure.

  7. Well, I guess that is a bug, then, and so is the master alembic. The master apparati are only supposed to appear in your inventory when you select the "mix a potion" option from the book, and then disappear when you're done mixing it. You should probably ask in a more public place, where others who may know more about it can help.