Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hidden spoiler code for my posts

I had been looking into implementing something like this for a while now, but today it came to my attention that at least one person has decided to temporarily stop this blog because I've been talking about bits of the main quests that are further along than s/he is in the game. I hope this new feature will help out with that sort of thing. Now, when I talk about a possible spoiler, I'll hide it in a block of text, like this:

Spoiler: Click to display/hide

This is a demonstration, and contains no spoilers.

Smaller spoilers can be hidden like this, which you can read by highlighting them -- Here, I talk about the secrets of [this spoiler has been redacted by the Illuminati].

1 comment:

  1. Yay, I like it!
    Thank you! My strategy was to skip paragraphs that seemed to contain something, now should be easier. Or you could replace NPC names, like calling Vivec Mr. Floppy, something like that (would be funny too!)

    Btw, I am loving how many quests I can not kill someone in this game, and have another option. I lost count of the head collecting quests from wow, so it's a nice difference, although a waste of my "head-cutter" skills.