Monday, April 26, 2010

Nice side quest in Elven Alienage

I came back to playing Dragon Age after a lot of time away, and found a nice side quest in the Elven Alienage, which had opened up to me during my last play time. (Yes, I still haven't finished the game.) A blind Templar was looking for witches, and ended up investigating some strange sense of something not being right, and needed help (good thing he was blind, too, considering I'm a blood mage and I'm traveling with the Witch of the Wilds).

Anyway, without spoiling the quest content, you get to investigate a haunted orphanage! It's a quest full of spooky ambience, with ghosts of orphans, disembodied voices, and plenty of evidence of something very bad having happened there.

It all wraps up neatly and satisfactorily at the end, and is worth a good 20-30 minutes of play time. I like short, independent quests like this, with their own little self-contained stories, and I hope to find more like these made by fans, or even (gasp) make one myself!

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