Monday, June 13, 2011

Planescape: Torment trouble

Although Planescape: Torment posts will continue up to a point, I'm afraid I'll be unable to finish the game, due to crashes that I can't solve. It consistently crashes when I attempt to leave the main hall of the Fortress of Regrets through the portal that should take me to the Trial of Impulse.

An Assertion failed in C:\Torment\Source\chitin\ChDimm.cpp at line number 787

The game is not installed to C:\Torment, and there is no Source folder in the actual game directory. I see no reference to C:\Torment in the torment.ini file, where it's set up as:

HD0:=c:\games\Planescape Torment\
CD1:=c:\games\Planescape Torment\DATA\
CD2:=c:\games\Planescape Torment\DATA\
CD3:=c:\games\Planescape Torment\DATA\
CD4:=c:\games\Planescape Torment\DATA\
CD5:=c:\games\Planescape Torment\DATA\

Since this is the GOG version, and not a CD version, all the files were installed on the hard drive automatically. I tried going back to an earlier save, and it failed at the same place: the portal to the Trial of Impulse.


  1. Have you tried the GOG forums already? Other then that, I'd make a full backup and fresh game install.

    Good luck there! I've been following the little pieces of the story on that one here... so no pressure on fixing it ;)

  2. Ohh and btw... I played the Dungeon Siege III demo this weekend. Take a look, it is pretty fun, specially the female character. Made me think about also testing Dragon Age Origins.

  3. I searched on the GOG forum, and other forums, and tried some of their suggestions (some .ini modification, using D3D Windower, making sure the paths were set properly...), but nothing helped. There is one last thing I haven't tried, and that's uninstalling the widescreen mod. I'll try that after backing up.

    I also played that Dungeon Siege 3 demo, to its completion, a few days ago. I played as the fire demon girl. It wasn't bad, though I do miss the ability to pause or take turns. ^_^ The characters were all good looking, too. Even the old men had an appealing twinkle in the eye.

    Will you post about that demo? I don't plan on writing about it, but I'll comment in yours if you do.

  4. Good luck with the game errors.

    I might write on that Dungeon Siege 3, right now I'm downloading a demo from the very first version for some nostalgia time :)

    I also played with the fire lady, placed my points all on caster, was fun! But as I recall, it is very different from the first Dungeon siege, where you could actually pause the game, give away commands and then back into action. And... the pack mule, oh how I loved my pack mule <3 I don't have the game anymore, which is why I am downloading a demo of the first version, to refresh my memory and maybe, who know, get the preorder for DS3 from Steam, which included DS and DS2 for free.

    Oh, and I also been checking Allods. Do you still play? Right now Im just doing tutorials to pick a character to play, so let me know which server you are on, then I can flood you with noob questions. The winged elf priest is winning so far.

  5. I've logged on to Allods a couple of times, but every time they make a major patch, they reset all your skill and talent points, and I haven't gotten around to seeing how I can recreate something similar to what I was doing before. I have a human priest, and an elven summoner.

    I'll see about trying DS2 or 1. In DS3 I actually had quite a bit of trouble starting out. I couldn't figure out how to examine bodies (an empty hand icon would pop up. Did that mean "now you can use" or "there's nothing here"?) and got stuck right there for a while because I couldn't open the door to the mansion! There was no menu option to check key bindings, so I couldn't see what the "activate" key was, there was no manual, and if it ever told me, I missed it. I tried almost every key on the keyboard before finding it.

    Also hated that you couldn't save, so if you wanted to see all that was in the demo, it had to all be in one sitting. Bad idea. DS3 overload does not make me hungry for more.

  6. Uninstalling the widescreen mod and Ghostdog's interface mod didn't fix the Planescape problem. In fact, no saved games will load at all anymore, with those two uninstalled. Good thing I backed it up, but since that was my last plan, I guess there's nothing left to do but watch the rest of the game on Youtube, since I was pretty close to the end anyway.

  7. Sorry to hear about the Planescape problems.

    I tried to play DS1 here, but the demo won't work on windows 7 or vista. When I searched, it seems that you can fix the problem with an updated version of the game. That doesn't include the demo, unfortunetelly.

    DS1 is a complete different game. While DS3 is clearly made for a console, with the paths very clear, DS1 is a huge open world, and I mean it, it is HUGE, going from town to town feels like a journey, and I recall being anxious to finally arrive due to running out of pots and such. But I actually liked that, made me feel in "danger". As you saw at the end of DS3 demo, you can recruit new people into your party. I didn't understand how exactly it works afterwards in DS3, but in DS1, you can assign people to do their actions while paused, then continue.

    Also, in DS1 there are no classes, you just become good at whatever you pick to do, melee combat, ranged (bow) or the two kinds of magic. So while character are less complex, the world sure is.

    I was considering getting DS3 because of the free DS1 and DS2 bonus, but I am not even certain they would really run on my windows 7, so I'll pass.

    So since I can't be evil and compare the two, I won't really write about it atm. Probably going to organize my thoughts on Allods at some point soon, it's such an adorable game.