Monday, November 23, 2009

Dragon Age comics

Artist Aimo on DeviantArt has several nicely drawn and funny Dragon Age: Origins comics and other illustrations in her gallery. I recommend taking a look, and I hope she keeps it up! (Though actually playing the game is probably taking as much of her time as it's taking mine.)

The earlier comics featuring the player character faceless with a hood are from before the game actually came out, and I saw in some of her comments that she was using information gleaned from the forums and teaser videos to make the characters accurate before it was possible to play them.

Later comics feature the player character as a female dwarven noble, as that seems to be her favourite of the three characters she illustrated in this drawing.


  1. I've been playing my old games here, and one of them is Sim City 4. I found a curious region made by a player I'd like you to see, just for its complexity and dedication! No need to install the game, the image of the work done is impressive enough! It's Vvandefell's Morrowind!