Friday, November 20, 2009

Party camp chest mod

Before I forget, I should mention this very useful mod that I've been using. Indispensible, in my opinion. It adds a storage chest to your party camp site, where you can add and remove items at will, rather than requiring you to carry all your possessions with you at all times. This was apparently written by a Bioware programmer on the side, judging from the description. So far, it works perfectly. I installed it, and the chest appeared in camp near Leliana. I've stored many things in there and retrieved them later (for crafting, etc.) with no troubles.


  1. The chest was originally intended to be included, but because there are a few versions of the party camp map that are loaded during various parts of the storyline, the chest and/or it's contents are not always available. That is why it was taken out from the game - don't panic when that happens to you, the MOD chest/contents will return later in the storyline).

    [SPOILER] An example occurs surrounding the siege of Redcliffe, grab any indispensable items beforehand because you may not see them again for a little while. [SPOILER]

  2. The same thing occurs in Neverwinter Nights 2, in fact, which led some people to think that the crafting stations in the Sunken Flagon Inn are unsafe for storage. In fact, the "attacked" version of the inn will go back to the normal version after just a little more advancement through the main quest, and your items are still in there.